CNN Minute

iphone app, 2016

Commissioned by CNN, Minute is a next generation mobile-only experience that harnesses breaking news content to highlight what a company is best known for.



The application is divided into category-specific sections — each has its own anchor shot in a vertical orientation, specifically for a phone, delivering category-specific content for the day. The sections are sorted by date from the most recent. Videos that have been watched are dropped to the bottom.


Supplemental images

Each headline is supported by one or more supplemental images and a cover image. Initially, we planned on showing a second video alongside the anchor’s coverage. We experimented with different layouts and formats for this experience, but it appeared to be too confusing for such a small screen.


Full length articles

Swiping up reveals the full-length article, which is pulled from the main site. The anchor’s coverage will pause once you start scrolling through the article and only continue once they’re back within the view.


Full length videos

If you have more time to spare, tapping the story cover will play the full-length video shoot from TV. This is one of the many opportunities to include ads.


Easy sharing

Swiping down anytime gives easy access to the contextual share menu.



All materials are accompanied by video captions for a silent viewing experience. Once you tap the “speaker” icon to mute the video, the captions will appear.



After watching a section, the app will automatically start playing the next one within a few seconds. Tapping the CNN logo anytime will bring you back to the section menu.



The settings give you the freedom to toggle your preferred content sections on or off, to manage notifications, and to turn audio on or off by default.