ANDROID APP, Web Service, branding, 2016

Plentiful is a service that helps connect food providers with the people who need them. More than 42 million Americans live in food insecure households, and supplemental food programs are an essential resource for many families. The NYC Food Assistance Collaborative, a group of organizations convened by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Food Policy, works hard to improve and grow these programs.



Big Human was challenged to create a brand that elicits a welcoming and supportive feel, and clearly communicates the service to a varied multicultural audience. Additionally, we wanted to take the emphasis away from terms like “emergency” and focus on the positive nourishing qualities of supplemental food. We chose a name which defined the mission of food services: Plentiful. We developed a logo which represented what a customer would receive: nutritious food.



Educational materials play an important role as the first touchpoint customers have with Plentiful. They drive awareness and train the audience, while evoking a feeling. A key element is hand-drawn illustration, reminiscent of community murals, providing warmth and familiarity. The focus of these illustrations are happy groups joined together by food and community. Plentiful enables these scenes, and celebrates them. The healthy food is eye-catching in illustrations with bright natural colors jumping off blue tones.


Pantry app

Food Pantries use a web-based Plentiful application to manage their appointments, customer list, and share data for fundraising. Volunteers can check people in remotely or in person to speed service and reduce lines. Typically, a pantry will use a tablet or smartphone to check-in registered clients waiting to be served, and a desktop device for first-time registration. The responsive platform easily accommodates these devices.


Client app

Clients use the Plentiful application to find supplemental food, register, and make appointments. It increases access and discovery, while reducing the friction associated with waiting on long lines and having to register at multiple pantries. Based on our research, over 90% of clients own a smartphone, and Android is the most dominant operating system. Alternatively, clients can complete discovery, registration, and appointments through an SMS flow.


UI styleguide

A detailed styleguide ensures brand and interface consistency as features and functionality expand with future iterations.



After only 3 months in open beta, Plentiful is active in 30 pantries with over 9,000 registered users representing 80% of all NYC zipcodes. More than 5,000 food services have been coordinated using Plentiful, a number which is rising every day.