Topurri is a service that allows users to collect, curate, and share lists of media content (ranked or not) that I have worked on along with a few engineers in our spare time.



While planning development, we set a limit for content types that are readily available for collection. We only want a content that can be experienced on your devices by simply tapping a button. We settled with the following categories: music, movies, TV shows, applications, books, games, and podcasts. Basically, these are part of the Google Play product range. Each category has its own icon and color. MVP only includes “Movies" which corresponds to the yellow color. Based on the examples below, you will notice the extent how navigation relies on that color, and you can imagine how the rest of the app would look like.



Given the specifics of the application, it is quite naive to expect that social mechanics will play a significant role there. Most likely, users will subscribe only to those who they’re familiar with. We did not presume that your friends will install our application too. Thus, friends’ feed is just one of the several feeds present in Topurri and possibly the least important.


Top list

Lists are limited to content within one category which in this case is "Movies". Looking at the list even without digging in for detailed information, you will notice how popular the included movies are among users based on the number of times they were added. This may convince you to add some to your collection as well.


Movie details

More detailed information, as well as the ability to add or remove movies in a more traditional manner, can be found on the next screen. Simultaneously, the film can be present in several collections. Those which are already added are marked with an icon. Tapping on it will delete it from there.


Watch this movie

Depending on the type of content, different purchase options are possible. In the case of a movie, rental/purchase of a digital copy or physical medium are available. Some people prefer the latter even now, in 2015.


Edit watchlist

In addition to the expected editing functions, the ability to quickly change the order of the content is also possible. This could be essential even if the list is not ranked, which could possibly be changed as well.



Last touch is sharing your expert opinion with friends. All methods are good here which includes sending messages with a link to people from the contact list.


Web view

Lists are easily accessible — those who have not had a smartphone application can view generated web pages and embedded widgets. Purchasing options are made available here as well.



Everything shown above is only a fraction of the work completed. Numerous designed app components were left undisclosed. Unfortunately, after several months of work and reaching the MVP, the project has lost its momentum for reasons beyond my reach. However, I still believe in the potential of this idea.